Van Cleef & Arpels Une Journée à Paris


We previously brought you news of Van Cleef & Arpel’s Une Journée à Paris, or a day in Paris, which consists of both a jewelry collection and a poetic complication watch. The storied Parisian jeweller expands on this with the Mercredi à Paris and the Romance à Paris lines. The first is a celebration of the spirit of children bursting put of school and into the public gardens of Paris on a Wednesday afternoon. Romance à Paris on the other hand tells the story of a couple taking a leisurely walk of love down the streets of Paris.  

Mercredi à Paris consists of a sautoir in the shape of a father carrying his son on his shoulders, an attentive mother watching over her children and a little girl floating away to high heaven on the wings of a multitude of brightly hued balloons. There is also a pendant that references the motif of the little girl and a bracelet that references the motif of the mother.

Romance à Paris also consists of a sautoir, a pendant and a bracelet. The sautoir tells the tale of two young people, sitting back to back, lost in their dreams. There is also a young girl who recognises her lover and can’t hide her emotion while the young man feigns indifference by playing with his hat. The last motif is of a young couple embracing with passion under an umbrella that shelters them from a shower of diamonds, mother-of-pearl, lapis-lazuli and turquoise drops.

The bracelet presents the sequel to this tender rendezvous: the two young lovers walking under a rain of diamonds, mother-of-pearl, turquoise and lapis-lazuli. The pendant is the final scene: the young couple reunited under the shelter of an umbrella.

Mercredi à Paris

Sautoir: HKD 108,000

Bracelet: HKD 43,100

Pendant: HKD 26,100  

Romance à Paris

Sautoir: HKD 91,000

Bracelet: HKD 40,900

Pendant: HKD 23,900

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