China's First 'Soul Rich List' Published


By William Stolerman

The richest people in China have long been scaling the heights of the Forbes Rich List, but now a new paper has been published highlighting the Chinese individuals who are not only rich in pocket but also in soul.

According to the report, the most spiritually rich person in China is Yuan Longping - the father of hybrid rice.

His revolutionary invention was developed in the wake of the country's terrible famine of 1958-1961 ensuring not only his wealth but also the survival and future prosperity of scores of his countrymen.

Furthermore his breakthrough has been exported to several other countries who’ve faced similar agricultural problems.

Other notable figures who feature are billionaire Geely boss Li Shufu (below) and philanthropist Chen Guangbiao – both super-rich by any standards, as well as the famous film stars Faye Wong and Fan Wei.

china soul rich list 2

The list was compiled by the China Social Sciences Press and is a clear indication of the growing philanthropic tendencies of the Chinese wealthy elite who are increasingly giving more and more of their time and wealth to charity.

Via [jingdaily] & [chinadaily]

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