World's Most Expensive Car Wax - £24K


By William Stolerman

We recently wrote about the world's most expensive car wash which uses a car wax priced at £8,200 per tub, but now Brough & Howarth has gone one better with the imminent release of a car wax that costs £24,000 for 480ml.

To be shortly unveiled at a location in London, the "Definitive Wax Marble" is packaged in a hand-crafted, white and grey marble cube sourced from Athens, Greece. It is made from refined natural fruit oils, locally sourced beeswax and imported carnauba wax from northern Brazil.

Jason Brough, Brough and Howarth's master polisher, said: "This very special car wax preparation is more than an exclusive paintwork protection treatment. Some of these vehicles are valued at over GBP1 million and are pieces of art in their own right, so the correct car care methods are critical in maintaining their value."

Only one exists in the world.

Via [bornrich]


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