Harley Davidson Painted by Jack Armstrong for $1M


By William Stolerman

A Harley Davidson painted by Jack Armstrong is to be unveiled at the Bartels Harley Davidson dealership in Marina Del Rey, California, with a price tag of $1,000,000.

The only motorcycle that Armstrong will ever paint, the iconic artist said of the bike: "Andy Warhol would have loved it. He started with soup cans and worked up to Elizabeth Taylor! For me as an artist Harley is James Dean, Brando, Elvis and Steve McQueen, and is more American than ice cream. To paint a million dollar Harley is legendary, like the bike!"

A statement from Bartels Harley Davidson said: “John Travolta rode a Bartels Harley in the film Hogs, but Armstrong's million dollar Harley is a movie in itself."

The "Cosmic Starship" Harley Davidson (the first and only $1 million bike) will be unveiled on October 21.

Via [autoevolution]


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