Malta's 'Margo Pizzeria' Unveils €1,800 Pizza


By William Stolerman

Malta’s ‘Margo Pizzeria’ has unveiled an opulent pizza made with 24-carat gold leaf and white truffle that’s priced at €1,800.

Last winter Margo’s pizza-maker Giovanni Staiano and restaurant owner Claude Camilleri were handling truffles at Mistra’s Palazzo Santa when they thought of the idea.

Camilleri said: “We were nosing the truffle and enjoying its smell, and said, wouldn’t it be nice if we had this on a pizza, and bring out the amazing flavour of truffle".

Two of the pizzas have since been ordered by a local hotelier who was persuaded that tomatoes shouldn’t be on the pizza because their acidity would clash with the truffle.

Camilleri added: “We’re trying to draw attention to the quality of the food. Having truffles on a pizza which is not the best pizza possible would be a travesty, a sin. And to put truffles on a Margo’s pizza, you need to be confident that what you are creating is an exceptional masterpiece.”

The record for most expensive pizza is currently held by Gordon Ramsay’s Maze restaurant where you can buy a £100 pizza which also contains white truffles. The pizza can only be ordered a week in advance and the truffle is delivered via courier. It is, however, available on the menu, which is one of the prerequisites for it to be eligible for the Guinness world record.

Via [timesofmalta] & [luxurylaunches]


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