Ecosse Unveils FE Ti XX


Ecosse Moto Works is launching the final and most breathtaking bike in the Heretic series – the exquisite FE Ti XX. With its $300,000 pricetag, it is well on its way to becoming the most expensive motorcycle in the world. 

ecosse titanium 48

The Denver-based company has long been a proprietor of motor breakthroughs. While its predecessor - the Ecosso Titanium Series RR - boasted an already impressive 200 horsepower, the FE Ti XX comes equipped with a 2.4 L billet aluminium powerplant that produces an unrivalled 225 horsepower. 

Motorcycle junkies will also appreciate the robust, rugged exterior of the model – the Grade 9 titanium pipes have a ceramic, shot-peened finish and are adorned with a hydraulic clutch and a new exposed carbon belt drive.

ecosse titanium rr series 48

In an exchange with, Ecosee revealed that the first batch of the ultra-luxurious motorcycle would be headed for the China market.

Via [Top Gear]

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