Boeing 747 Transformed Into Cool Home


If you’re flying over the sprawling Malibu
desert, be prepared to do a double take: you might chance upon a Boeing 747
perched atop a hill that’s been transformed into a home. David Hertz Architects
designed the unique desert dwelling using different parts of a dismantled
Boeing 747 aircraft.

Before you start ordering a spare airplane for your new
house, be prepared for a daunting technological and logistical nightmare. Moving
4.5 million plane parts, or roughly 400,000 pounds of metal, requires some
doing. The airplane was first sliced into major sections, and parts were then
individually moved to a hilltop location in Malibu.
Because the unusual home is right smack in the middle of a sparse, desolate
landscape, different modes of transport were used, which included the rather
surreal idea of airlifting airplane parts using a helicopter.

Aeronautical fans will be thrilled to see the way wings,
stabilizers and other parts of the plane have been used to enclose and shape
spaces. The immense wings of the airplane have been turned into the roof of the
home, giving the impression that the house is on the verge of takeoff. The
first class cabin deck of the aircraft was transformed into two separate
residences, while the 50 foot length of the fuselage was used to make the roof
of an art studio.

Boeing 747 Transformed Into Cool Home

Boeing 747 Transformed Into Cool Home 3

Boeing 747 Transformed Into Cool Home 4

Boeing 747 Transformed Into Cool Home 2

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