Close Shave: The $100,000 Zafirro Iridium Razor

We've seen some costly shaving sets in our time—sure, you
could even get one made with mammoth ivory—but none has come close to the
asking price of Bright Light Venture’s new Zaffiro razor, which at US$100,000
is now the dearest men’s shaver on the market.

A sleek, high-tech marvel, the Zaffiro shaving implement
boasts blades wrought from sapphire grown in a former Soviet lab in Ukraine,
imbuing the razor with an exotic, James Bond glamour. The blades are also a
mere 80 atoms thick on their cutting edge, or about 1/10,000th the
width of a strand of hair, ensuring the closest shave yet.

Encased in a medical-grade stainless steel cartridge held in
place by neodymium magnets, the crowning glory of the instrument is its handle,
which is 99.9% pure iridium, a rare element that owns the distinction of
simultaneously being the most corrosion-resistant metal known to man as well as
the least abundant element in the Earth’s crust—gold, by contrast, is about
forty times more common. The limited edition razors come in only 99 serialized,
monogrammed pieces.


Close Shave The 100000 Zafirro Iridium Razor2


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