Move Over, Imelda Marcos: Meet Suri Cruise


Move Over Imelda Marcos Meet Suri Cruise2

Suri Cruise, all of five years old, has a shoe collection worth USD$150,000, making her just about the most fashionable toddler walking the earth right now. The five-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes boasts
an impressive range of footwear in her closet, according to news reports published

Sources also claim that the budding fashionista has already
cultivated a taste for high-end labels, such as Christian Louboutin and Marc
Jacobs, and insists on getting her shoes customized if they don’t come with
heels. A source told various news outlets that Katie Holmes, ever
the doting mother, has commissioned a pair of bespoke Louboutins for her,
adding that Suri will, like any young child, throw a tantrum and turn to tears
if she doesn’t get her way in footwear.

But $150,000 on shoes is small change compared with the rest of the youngster's
wardrobe, which is believed to have a value of $3.2million. Suri has been
spotted out and about in a Dolce & Gabbana trench coat, and last year
she was spotted with a miniature version of her mother's Ferragamo bag. Last
month, Suri even ranked 21st in a list of Glamour magazine readers' style icons, coming in higher than fashion giants Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Move Over Imelda Marcos Meet Suri Cruise3

Move Over Imelda Marcos Meet Suri Cruise4

Move Over Imelda Marcos Meet Suri Cruise5

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