Audi Sails 14-Storey-Tall Supermaxi Yacht to Singapore


Singapore is set to create waves with the “Audi ultra lightweight”
supermaxi yacht, which will sail into Marina Bay next month as part of
the publicity blitz for its new Audi A6. This marks the first time a yacht of this class and size will be anchored here, and Singaporeans will
get a chance to see it from the plaza of Marina Bay Sands from
end-August till September, before it is moored at the posh One Degree 15 Marina

30m long and 40m tall - that would be about 14 storeys in height - with a sail nearly the size of five tennis courts, the Audi ultra lightweight is a
game-changer in the world of competitive sailboats. One of only
seven supermaxi yachts in the world, it utilises cutting-edge design and
construction tech that allows it to be extremely light – just
like the new Audi A6. The nautical behemoth, which holds several world
records and has already won two Maxi World Championships, boasts a speed 33 knots (61km/h) or 17m per second, making it
one of the fastest sailboats in the world. 

The Audi ultra lightweight boat
will be helmed by Mr Ingvall, who has claimed several international
championships, speed records and has sailed twice around the world. As
the Director of the Singapore Big Boat Racing Team, the Finnish-born
Australian will be in town to recruit
young, local sailors to form at least half of the crew for the new “Audi
ultra Racing Team”. He will then lead the team to compete with the
A6-branded supermaxi yacht in the region’s best regattas from October.

The yacht is part of
Audi’s collaboration with the Singapore Sailing Federation and the
Singapore Big Boat Racing Team, which was recently set up by famous
yachtsman Mr Ludde Ingvall. The joint effort by the three parties aims
to utilise the boat to support the training of the national sailing
team. More information of the yacht and its race plans will be available after its arrival in Singapore.



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