Tod's Plans to Restore The Colosseum


Gladiators and mock sea battles are no more, but the
Colosseum still stands as the archetype of Roman engineering. In a successful
bid for the restoration of the Colosseum – otherwise known as the Flavian
Amphitheatre – Tod’s presented its Restoration Project in Rome on June 22.

Diego Della Valle, President and CEO of the Group,
voices his Italian pride, “We hope this important initiative encourages other
companies and private patrons proud of our culture and country to follow. These
signals could mark the beginning of a series of similar initiatives, strengthening
our country’s image and creditability worldwide”.    

As proof
of its commitment, Tod’s rolled out a 6-point “Intervention Plan”, including
the replacement of the fornice gate closures with arches, the restoration of the
northern and southern prospectus, and the creation of an external reception
area. The recent establishment of Amici Del Colosseo, a non-profit organization
which aims to bring Italian youth and elderly closer to the monument, further
attests to the brand’s engagement with Italian culture and society at large.     

Tods Announces Plan To Restore The Colosseum 2(from left) Diego and Andrea Della Valle

Tods Announces Plan To Restore The Colosseum 3Giancarlo Galan, Gianni Alemanno and Andrea Della Valle


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