Diamond-Filtered "Billionaire Vodka" by Leon Verres


Legendary designer Leon Verres has finally verified rumors circulating the oenophilic community for months: the Leon Verres Luxury Group will release a "Billionaire Vodka" in select premium bars worldwide later this year. A much-anticipated follow-up to his “Le Billionaire Champagne” in 2009, the Billionaire Vodka is clearly not a tipple for an ordinary evening: a bottle will set you back a record-breaking US$3.7 million bucks.

Opulent, celebratory and flamboyant, the 5 liter bottle of the clearest and smoothest Russian vodka will bring a whole new literal meaning to the phrase dripping with diamonds - its exterior is encrusted with 3,000 scintillating white diamonds, and the distillation process involves running crystal-clear water and the finest wheat over millions of dollars' worth of diamonds.The bottle is enveloped in white faux fur - Leon Verres is an animal-lover and longtime PETA friend - and capped with a chapka.

Leon Verres will also release more modest, 0.5 liter versions of the diamond-filtered vodka. The first collection will come on the market in precious, violet-tinted heavy glass bottles decorated with a Swarovski crystal embellished logo.

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Leon Verres


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