Semi-Submerged "Amphibious 1000" Qatar Resort


Qatar's latest luxury project will put to rest the notion that being green isn't cool: the US$500 million Amphibious 1000 resort looks set to become a go-to destination for scuba-divers and nature-lovers, being situated right smack in the middle of a marine reserve - and will feature underwater rooms to boot.

Conceptualized by Italian architectural firm Giancarlo Zema Design
Group, the Amphibious 1000 consists of four sprawling hotels with
underwater rooms outfitted to look like superyachts. Even cooler are the
80 floating suites, evocatively dubbed Jelly-fish, which come equipped
with underwater
viewing decks overlooking an artificial reef bed.

Amphibious1000 1

Amphibious1000 2

Each Jellyfish accommodates up to six guests, and will have five levels with a relaxation room, sleeping quarters
and bathrooms, kitchen, guest rooms and a private aquarium lounge. Guests can zip around the resort
on foot or electric buggies. A fleet of hydrogen-powered, glass-bottomed yachts are also available for charter, and a huge aquarium , exhibition galleries and an underwater observatory reside at the center of the resort.

“It is like a big aquatic animal stretching out from the land into the
sea, and extends horizontally for one kilometre thanks to two long wide
arms,” a spokesperson from Giancarlo Zema said. No word yet on the
construction completion date, but we'll keep you updated so you can plan
your next summer vacation.

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