David Gandy & 100 MARTINI Ladies in Luck Is An Attitude Campaign


 David Gandy Martini 2

David Gandy and Silvia Pedetti

Suave supermodel David Gandy mingled with one hundred - count 'em! - MARTINI ladies for the global launch of the liquor brand's Luck is an Attitude online campaign.

124043525bs063 Martini Luck

Shermine Shahrivar

124043525bs062 Martini Luck

Eugenia Silva

A truly audacious stunt, there was eye-candy galore that evening at the Spanish Steps in Rome: David Gandy, the "world's only male supermodel", flirted and posed with 100 lithesome models specially flown in for the debut of a talent search on Facebook across 16 countries, called Kisser Casting.

124043525bs026 Martini Luck

Shermine Shahrivar and guest

124043525bs067 Martini Luck

Silvia Pedetti

124043525bs075 Martini Luck

David Gandy and Liisi Eesmaa

124043525bs034 Martini Luck

David Gandy and Mara Desipris

124043525bs038 Martini Luck

David Gandy and Filippo Magnini

The contest, which runs till October 10, will see a lucky guy kissing 10 women - if that's not your thing, the winner will also cash in a €150,000 prize. The icing on the cake: the successful candidate will star in a worldwide MARTINI TV ad.

124043525bs011 Martini Luck

124043525bs021 Martini Luck

The face of the campaign, David Gandy, said that the contest hopes to bolster a confident, playful spirit in its participants: "I want to encourage people to be authentic, live their dreams and create their own luck. This is a huge opportunity for someone and could change their life."

124043525bs029 Martini Luck

124043525bs013 Martini Luck


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