To howl or not to howl: Wolf Helmet


Unleash your inner beast with the Wolf Helmet. The makers did not go too crazy with naming their product. We reckon that with a helmet that looks as wild as this, they do not really have to put in much effort. Even if they named it, ‘Safe Helmet Covered With Furry Bits, Eyes, Ears and Teeth, and looks like a Man-Wolf’, it would not have mattered. It looks savagely cool and ridiculous – more savagely cool than ridiculous.

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Come to think of it, we doubt that there is a rule stating that a helmet cannot resemble an animal’s head. Then again there is that unwritten social rule that prevents folks from wearing something wickedly outlandish on their noggins. Until recently only Lady Gaga has been an advocate for wearing odd looking things on the head. Unlike Gaga’s weird head contraptions, motorcyclists might actually be keen on sporting Wolf Helmet’s offerings.


There are two helmets to choose from – the Insanity Werewolf and the Insanity Wolf, costing US$199.95 and US$179.95 respectively. If wolves are not your thing, and you prefer a mean-looking frog or something, Wolf Helmet offers the Infinity Custom. For US$299.95 it will make a custom helmet with the head of any animal you fancy.

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