Johnnie Walker Double Black: Out Now in Singapore


Premium blended whisky makers Johnnie Walker is releasing a blacker than black, particularly intense Double Black variant of its popular Black Label bottle.

An un-aged spirit, the Double Black has been blended to create a flavor profile that is consistent with the house style of Johnnie Walker, yet different and completely exciting than its Black predecessor.

Johnnie Walker Double Black Out Now In Singapore 1

Johnnie Walker's Master Blender, Jim Beveridge, lends insight into the new Double Black: “I have created this blend by taking whiskies that have been matured in charred wood and whiskies that have a naturally smoky flavour, blending them to deliver a smokier, more intense experience."

"Johnnie Walker Double Black is a new and different expression of Johnnie Walker Black Label, it’s equally compelling and it’s got some special  magic to it.” 

Johnnie Walker

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