The Floating Mug: No Coaster Required


For mornings when you're too bleary to get out a toaster to prevent marks on your marble table, may we suggest the stunningly ingenious Floating Mug. One of those why-haven't-they-thought-of-this-yet inventions, designer Tigere Chiriga hit upon the idea of a mug with its base lifted up the ground when he saw a, of all things, banana holder in his kitchen.

The Floating Mug No Coaster Required 2

Because he wanted to keep the aesthetic clean and streamlined, he chose to work with white porcelain, and modified the shape of a typical mug so that the curved handle would function as a coaster by itself. Perfect for coffee, tea or hot chocolate, this is such a beautiful object, we'll want to leave it lying around the house for guests to stumble upon. Wait for oohs and ahhs to ensue.

The Floating Mug No Coaster Required 3


via [Uncrate]

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