Cyber-Cosmetics: Lucy McRae's Creepy-Cool Film for Aesop


Becoming TransNatural (2011), another McRae piece that dwells on the augmented human body

The clinical, stripped down aesthetic of botanical-based apothecary Aesop gels seamlessly with this subversive short by Australian film-maker and installation artist Lucy McRae.

Timed to coincide with the cult beauty brand's global overhaul of its online portal, the transfixing film shows all the trademarks of McRae's oeurvre: the modification of the female body and the ramifications of a future where technological tinkering with human flesh becomes commonplace...starting with our obsession with youth-enhancing serums and skin brightening essences.

View more out-there projects and read the outré artist's oft-provocative musings at her site. In the meantime, here's what McRae's feverish imagination came up with for Aesop. Think about what it means for you—and humanity!—the next time you slap on your night cream!


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