The Kate Effect: Middleton's Raoul Outfit Sparks Spike in Sales


Kate Middleton in the by-now iconic Raoul outfit

Call it the Kate Effect: in what will no doubt be used in future marketing classes as an example of the beguiling influence of a celebrity's endorsement, enquiries about the Raoul ensemble the Duchess of Cambridge wore in Singapore have skyrocketed, with separates apparently being sold on eBay for many thousands of dollars.

On the second day of their visit to the Little Red Dot, Kate Middleton was seen out and about in a "tick" printed silk blouse and skirt from Raoul's Pre-Fall collection (for the record, if you're asking your boutique assistant for the outfit, she wore the Tara Blouse and Tara Full Pleat Skirt).

The Kate Effect Middletons Raoul Outfit Sparks Spike In Sales 1

A close-up of the red and black "tick" motif on Middleton's outfit. Her subtly glamorous curls and natural makeup have also garnered praise from style observers

When news broke of the homegrown brand's coup, the Singapore press went did the entire female population, it would seem. Raoul reports that the thoroughly unassuming (and very prim and proper) outfit has sold out at its boutiques, as well as on international shopping portals Matches and Neiman Marcus. In a press satement, Raoul hailed this as "one of the highest achievements in our ten years as a fashion label". Good for you, Raoul, and we wish Will and Kate an enjoyable time touring the region!

The Kate Effect Middletons Raoul Outfit Sparks Spike In Sales

Middleton "ticks" all the right boxes with the styling for this simple outfit. By cinching in the flowy garment with a slimming black belt, the dress accentuates her slender frame

The Kate Effect Middletons Raoul Outfit Sparks Spike In Sales 3

Kate Middleton with the dashing Duke of Cambridge. Note how well her Raoul skirt translates in photographs, lending her a breezy, approachable air


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