Center of Gravity: Boca do Lobo Newton Table


The Newton table in black and gold

We love this new table by design studio Boca do Lobo, a sensuous slab inspired by Sir Issac Newton's seminal discovery of the law of gravity. Rightly famous for being at the forefront of harnessing new techniques and concepts, Boca do Lobo travels back in time for a head-turning masterpiece composed of gleaming spheres and semi spheres amassed one on top of the other, held together by gravity itself. The result is an arresting ode to art and science, with the spherical components looking like modular parts of a molecular diagram writ large.

Center Of Gravity Boca Do Lobo Newton Table 2

Black lacquered brass spheres with a high gloss finish. The top of the table is composed of brass circles with a golden texture similar to wood grain

The lovingly lacquered orbs that make up this work of art are crafted in an array of materials: myrtle burl veneer, walnut root veneer, or gold plated brass. Big enough to accommodate eight to ten people, the Newton table is perhaps best left unadorned as a centerpiece for your house guests to admire.

Center Of Gravity Boca Do Lobo Newton Table 3

In Gold and Myrtle. Gold plated brass spheres on the base support a top showcasing a myrtle burl veneer, finished with a high gloss varnish

Center Of Gravity Boca Do Lobo Newton Table 5

Close-up view of the lustrous orbs that make up the base of the Newton table

Boca do Lobo


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