Crystal Clear Sound: Woo WA7 Fireflies Headphone Amplifier


Partially encased in thick clear glass and boasting a solid aluminium chassis, this five inch cube is an arrestingly designed headphone amplifier with impressive technical specs to boot. With a built-in 32-bit/192kHz USB digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and plenty of scope for customization. Notably, the WA7 comes with a 6.3mm jack for home-style headphones and a 3.5mm jack for portable ones

Stereo RCA analog inputs are also provided so you can listen to external sources, such as a radio or a higher-quality DAC like my Schiit Bifrost. Available in silver or black finishes, this is a handsomely built, high-performance piece of gadgetry that will fit right into your minimalist home decor.

Crystal Clear The Woo Audio Wa7 Fireflies 2

Crystal Clear The Woo Audio Wa7 Fireflies 1

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