Fashion Loves Art: Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 Scarves

Add a splash of color to your ensemble as you transition to the balmier days of Spring with this exuberant trio of scarves, an eclectic collaboration between Louis Vuitton and some of the most talented street artists around.

Scoured from all over the world, the result of the partnership between these artists are scarves emblazoned with graffiti-inspired prints that are stunningly individualistic and beautiful in their own way, while referencing some of the French fashion house's most emblematic motifs. True collector's items, we want one in every design.


4 Seasons Giant Square

US-based Japanese artist Aiko's aesthetic is as colorful and vibrant as her background. Her creation for Louis Vuitton marries contemporary American graffiti with traditional icons that will be familiar to those acquainted with Japanese culture.

Famed for her manga-tinged work, the scarve's large, multi-hued chrysanthemums are of course a nod to that most symbolic of national flowers, and their psychedelic ombre petals are also reminiscent of the fireworks synomymous with North America's Independence Day celebrations. Integrated into the intricate scarf are the famous LV monogram and "sprouse" print, and the pink-and-white polka-dotted "kiss" in Kanji characters is a nod to the pop art movement.

Fashion Loves Art Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 Scarves 1

Mosaic Square

Next up, we have another cheery number by dentical twin brothers who go by the collective Os Gemeos. A big duo in the graffiti art community in Brazil, their style is, as you can tell by the piece they created above, very much influenced by hip-hop culture and the Brazilian pixacao movement.

The mosaic silk square features a vivid repetitive pattern that cleverly makes use of Louis Vuitton's Monogram flower, which frames a center portion filled with multiple suns and moons, a touching reference to the strong personal and professional bonds between the two twin brothers. illustrate equilibrium and balance, representing the two twin brothers.

Fashion Loves Art Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 Scarves 2

Script Stole

Finally, Californian graffiti-slash-writer Retna has produced a lovely pastel-hued stole that mixes the ancient and the contemporary, with symbols that are an amalgamation of Incan and Egyptian hieroglyphics, Arabic, Hebrew and Asian calligraphy and modern graffiti. As with Aiko, Louis Vuitton has given Retna free rein to reinterpret the House's logo, resulting in a unique signature that is both the artists' and the French maison's. Available now in selected Louis Vuitton boutiques.

Louis Vuitton

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