Princess and the Pea: Vi-Spring Diamond Jubilee


Vi-Spring Diamond Jubilee Limited Edition

Probably comfortable enough to pass muster with the royal lass from the Princess and the Pea fable, this plush new Vi-Spring Diamond Jubilee Limited Edition bed will afford you the sweetest of dreams.

Vi-Spring, a luxury British bed maker founded in 1901, was the first bed maker to produce an interior sprung mattress using a system of individually pocketed springs that changed the way beds were made. Today, celebrities like David and Victoria Beckham are firm believers in the brand, and no wonder too: the exquisitely sensitive coils in each Vi-Spring pocket spring react to every movement you make as you sleep, giving you optimum head-to-toe support and enabling you to fall and remain asleep soundly, a good night's rest like never before.

The finest natural materials are used to fill and cover each mattress, from Austrian Moosburger horsehair to cashmere, raw silk and Shetland wool. Even though no synthetic, potentially irritating foam or glue is used, the mattresses are so sturdy that Vi-Spring is the only bed maker to offer a lifetime guarantee of quality. 

The Vi-Spring Diamond Jubilee Limited Edition is now available in Hong Kong. Only eight beds have been made, and each costs a million Hong Kong dollars.

The Sweetest Dreams Vi Spring Diamond Jubilee 1

Dauny Eiderdown in silk

Also available in exceedingly limited quantities is the Swiss Dauny cover: just nine exist in the world. The Swiss Dauny is an eiderdown duvet made under Vi-Spring's Dauny label. A house specialty, only four tons of the material is produced each year. Lightweight and warm, the duvet is stuffed with Icelandic eiderdown and swathed in 100% satin woven from the finest mulberry silk.


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