275 years of haute horlogerie: Jaquet Droz


Jaquet Droz is one of the oldest Swiss watchmakers in the world. Founded in 1738, it has constantly stunned the world with its refined craftsmanship and distinctive know-how. This master of horlogerie will showcase some of its older masterpieces, in Hong Kong during the upcoming International Antiques fair 2013 from May 25 – 27. Jaquet Droz has earned popularity among the Chinese from as early as the Qing Dynasty. Quick fact: the famous Qing Emperor Qianlong, even granted Jaquet Droz a Chinese name, which it is still using today. 

275 Years Of Haute Horlogerie Jaquet Droz 1Amour et fidelité: Gold and enamel musical scent-flask, built-in watch with visible balance

The collection, which is to be showcased at the International Antiques fair, is to include Jaquet Droz’s marvellous horological and mechanical creations like pocket watches, musical scent-flasks, singing bird boxes and automata. Many pieces to be displayed at the exhibition are custom-made models, crafted to meet the high standards of Chinese royalty during the Qing Dynasty.

Pierre Jaquet-Droz, the founder, was not only an expert watchmaker but also a master in creating automata. In 1774, he debuted a trio of intricate automata, including “The Writer” which contains over 600 individual components. We have heard that Jaquet Droz will showcase a pair of automata called “The Magician” and “The Draughtsman” – each with over 1000 individual components. “The Magician” replicates the classic magician’s trick of making songbirds appear and disappear, while “The Draughtsman” draws an outline of a horse. 

275 Years Of Haute Horlogerie Jaquet Droz 2The Magician 

275 Years Of Haute Horlogerie Jaquet Droz 3The Draughtsman

Jaquet Droz


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