Ninja Tech: Adam Harvey's 'Stealth Wear'


Inspired by his paranoia of being watched by unmanned military aircraft, Adam Harvey has come up with a line of garments based on technology... We believe that in this case, the word ‘inspired’ might be too generous. These garments are made from a flexible, lightweight metallized fabric that reflects heat, which in turn conceals the wearer’s thermal impression.

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Harvey’s creations come in three designs, the Anti-Drone Burqa, the Anti-Drone Hoodie, and the Anti-Drone scarf, which cost US$2,279, US$488 and US$562 respectively. We are not entirely sure how serious this business is but it is certainly newsworthy.

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We grant that it is an interesting concept but where Harvey excels in paranoid creativity, he fails in wearable design. We doubt that even modern ninja clans, if they exist, would not want to wear these. All Stealth Wear three designs look like silvery stylized versions of something vaguely familiar. They look like, for the lack of better words, trash bags - very expensive trash bags. No news on whether delivery is possible for customers in Afghanistan and Pakistan...

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Ninja Tech Adam Harveys Stealth Wear 1

Anti-Drone Burqa

 Ninja Tech Adam Harveys Stealth Wear 2

Anti-Drone scarf

 Ninja Tech Adam Harveys Stealth Wear 3

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