Perfection in a bottle: Utopias by Samuel Adams


Aged for up to 19 years in a variety of barrels, utilizing high gravity brewing using a variety of malted barley and a dash of maple syrup, and containing 27% alcohol by volume, Utopias by Samuel Adams is a beer not to be taken lightly. Did we mention that it costs US$190 for a paltry 24 ounces (710 milliliters)?

Compared with the chunk of change required to purchase just one bottle this craft beer, the cost of a six-pack from the local super market seems like a mere pittance. It should not come as a surprise then, that Utopias is regarded to be the most expensive beer that is commercially purchasable.

Perfection In A Bottle Utopias By Samuel Adams 5

The beer making wizards at Samuel Adams adopted the barrel aging process for Utopias. They started with Jack Daniels barrels and have diversified to include Port pipes, bourbon barrels, congnac casks, sherry barrels and rum barrels. The barrels give this premium beer acute stratums of flavour. Brewed in small quantities each batch has its own blend. Only a limited number are available every year.

The bottle sports a screw top, obviously to facilitate recapping. We cannot imagine anyone chugging down an entire bottle of anything with 27% alcohol – especially if it costs US$190. The Utopias is meant to be savoured and would surely be an exclusive treat for the palates of beer buffs.

Perfection In A Bottle Utopias By Samuel Adams 6

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