All that Glitters is not Gold: World's Oldest & Most Expensive Hockey Stick


How much would you pay for a stick? More specifically, how much would you pay for a wooden stick from the 1850s? Not much? What if we said that the stick in question is the world’s oldest hockey stick? We wonder if that little detail made anyone raise the stakes on how much they would spend. Big spenders would have said to themselves, “Ah, why not? I’m in a good mood. I will buy that old wooden stick for US$1000.”. Since the world’s oldest and most expensive hockey stick has been appraised at US$4.25 million, all anyone is getting for US$1000 is a splinter the size of a toothpick.

The genesis of all modern hockey sticks was fashioned during the 1850s in Ontario, just a few decades before the very first ice hockey game was played. This rare item from hockey history has been passed down from generation to generation, until it landed in the hands of Gordon Sharpe. Imagine his surprise when he actually got the stick appraised.

Sharpe has tried to auction off the stick on three separate accounts but has yet to part with his heirloom. The multi-million dollar hockey stick is displayed in, former Canadian professional ice hockey player and former head coach, Wayne Gretzky’s bar in Toronto and stored at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold Worlds Oldest And Most Expensive Hockey Stick 1

Hockey Hall of Fame


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