GP Racing Pedigree: Bonhams to auction 1954 W196


During the Goodwood Festival of Speed on July 12, Bonhams is to sell the double grand-prix-winning 1954 W196 in which Juan Manuel Fangio won the second of his five World Drivers’ Championships. The 2.5 litre straight-eight single-seater, with chassis number 00006/54, won the 1954 German and Swiss Grand Prix races in Fangio’s hands. These were the first successive victories achieved by the Mercedes-Benz factory team in its post-war racing comeback. The 1954 W196’s racing pedigree does not stop there. Sir Stirling Moss drove the same model of car when he won his first British Grand Prix in 1955.

Gp Racing Pedigree Bonhams To Auction 1954 W196 3 Sir Stirling Moss with Lewis Hamilton

Sir Stirling said:

“Winning the British Grand Prix meant a lot to me. I won in a Mercedes-Benz W196 in 1955, just before the very last corner. It really was a very special day. I remember it quite well; I’d caught up with Fangio and overtaken him in traffic. As we went round the last corner I put my foot flat on the floor and took the chequered flag. I finished literally half a car length in front."

Gp Racing Pedigree Bonhams To Auction 1954 W196 4 Sir Stirling Moss with the 1954 W196 and Lewis Hamilton with the modern Mercedes Silver Arrow

Sir Stirling Moss recently met his modern counterpart, Lewis Hamilton, to compare their Grand Prix Mercedes cars. Hamilton showed Sir Stirling around the new Silver Arrow, which is similar to the one he will be steering during the British Grand Prix later this month. Hamilton was not the only one with a Formula 1 car to show off. Sir Stirling presided over Fangio’s grand-prix-winning 1954 W196.

The affable Sir Stirling, jokingly said,

“Taking a look at Lewis’s car today, there’s no way would I get in it, but then he said the same thing about mine! He asked where the seatbelts were – we didn’t wear seatbelts!”

Gp Racing Pedigree Bonhams To Auction 1954 W196 5 Sir Stirling with Lewis Hamilton, who is seated in the 1954 W196

Gp Racing Pedigree Bonhams To Auction 1954 W196 6



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