My Precious: US$3 million rare black opal


An Australian miner, who prefers to only be known as Bobby, found an opal 14 years ago. After falling on hard times, he sold his mining equipment to a friend and went back home with his last ever bucket of rocks in which opals could have been encased. When he began rubbing at one of the grimy rocks, he discovered hints of green and gold. Bobby then spent two years whittling away the rock with a dental drill. At the end of the two years, he was left with a 306 carat rare and exceptional black opal. What did he do with it?

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My Precious Us3 Million Rare Black Opal 1

He kept it under his mattress for 12 years.

This reminds us of a certain character from a certain story, written by a certain author, whose name is most certainly, J. R. R. Tolkien. This character, who we shall not name, is quite fond of looking at a ring and saying “My Precioussssss…” Like Bobby, he too kept the precious object with him for many years.

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Bobby said, "I considered myself the guardian of one of God's greatest creations and was in no hurry to part with it…It took 14 years to find someone worthy enough to be trusted to be the next guardian.”

We are glad that Bobby finally did find another 'guardian' to entrust the opal to - Katherine Jetter, a fellow Australian and jewelry designer with extensive experience in the opal trade. Nicknamed ‘the Royal One’, the opal will debut at the Couture show at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. It can be yours for US$3 million.

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My Precious Us3 Million Rare Black Opal 2

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