No Men Allowed: Four Seasons Riyadh Opens a Women's Only Floor


The Four Seasons Riyadh is creating a unique experience for guests with the recent opening of the Pearl Floor, an exclusive floor accessible to women-only. 

The Pearl Floor was opened in order to create a more safe, secure and comfortable environment for female travellers. The Pearl Floor houses 20 Premuim and Deluxe Rooms, as well as two Executive Suites. Staying on the floor entitles them to a range of women-only facilities, such as private access to the Pearl Floor, an express check-in counter, a strictly ladies-only gym (so hanging around sweaty muscular men is thankfully no longer obligatory), a lounge with free wi-fi and complimentary refreshments, all staffed by a female team. 

General Manager Greg Pirkle explains, "From the moment women set foot in the Hotel, our goal is to make them feel special. No matter what their needs are, we will make sure they are being well taken care of with utmost consideration all the way down to the smallest detail." 

The sweeping rooms also feature 180 views of Riyadh, and amenities such as body and facial products, women's magazines, a yoga mat, a welcome kit, a welcome kit, personalized room scent, an abaya (a traditional outfit), and bath and spa amenities. 

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