Why so serious? A page from Batman #1 sells for US$660


Last month we wrote about a rare Superman comic that a lucky homeowner found hiding between his walls – the comic featured Superman’s first appearance. It seems that the Superman comic is not the only rare graphic novel to come out of the woodworks. Recently, a page from Batman #1 by DC Comics, sold on eBay for US$660. Okay, so it is not exactly a graphic novel but just a single page – that does not make the selling price any less impressive.

Printed during Spring in 1940, Batman #1 is significant for featuring the first appearance of the Joker. Batman’s arch nemesis, the Joker, made his debut on the second page of the book. As it turns out, this was the page that was sold on eBay. Hats off to whoever actually bought it. He/she must be a really huge fan of Batman (or maybe the Joker), to have bought the single page for US$660, despite the fact that it was torn from the book and that the Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) classified it as ungradable. Imagine what the entire book would be worth if it were to receive a really high grade?

For those who want their very own torn page from the Batman #1, do not despair. The seller states on eBay that he has total of 22 pages including the back cover. He intends put them up for sale on eBay over the next few weeks.

Why So Serious A Page From Batman 1 Sells For Us660 1Cover of Batman #1



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