Amour, Amour: World's Most Expensive Dog Collar


Senior Editor of Forbes, Matt Miller calls it “the Bugatti of dog collars”. We call it “the one dog collar to rule them all”. Its creator, I Love Dogs Diamonds, calls it “Amour, Amour” from their La Collection de Bijouz Amour. Whatever anyone decides to call it, one thing is for sure…priced at US$3.2 million, it is the world’s most expensive dog collar.

There are 1600 hand-set diamonds with a combined total of about 52-carats on this collar. Its chandelier design sports a 7-carat, D-IF, brilliant-cut centerpiece - accompanying this on either side is a 4.07-carat brilliant-cut D VS2 and a 4.12 brilliant-cut E VSI. Adding further razzle and dazzle to these three chunks of bling are nine pear shaped rocks totaling 4-carats. Where there are no diamonds, there is an 18-karat white gold and crocodile leather strap, which is meant to provide comfort and durability. Each collar is custom fitted, so you don’t have worry about your pooch shimmying out of the collar if it is too loose.

We wonder what the lucky dogs, that actually do get one of these collars, would think of them. “Oh look at me! I’m fabulous!”

Amour Amour Worlds Most Expensive Dog Collar 1

Amour Amour Worlds Most Expensive Dog Collar 2

I Love Dogs Diamonds

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