Wacky Works: Tse Yim On at iPreciation


Hong Kong contemporary artist, Tse Yim On, may be bashful in person, with his subtle yet accommodating demeanour, but his art is outspoken. By outspoken, we mean, it speaks volumes and while leaving you speechless. His bold tongue-in-cheek artworks are currently on display at iPreciation.

Located just below the Hard Rock Cafe in Singapore, iPreciation is hosting Flaneur - a solo exhibition of acrylic paintings by Tse Yim On. We were privileged to be invited down to the gallery to have a private viewing of the painting and speak to the artist himself. It was hard not to be taken aback by the sheer playfulness of Tse’s works, which he describes as “not pretentious but completely honest”.

Inspired by both current affairs and pop culture, Tse attributed his artwork’s distinctive style and provocativeness to his fascination with Japanese manga, video games, pornography and something he calls “coffee-shop politics” – which, he explained to us, is when folks head down to the local coffee-shop and end up having a conversation about politics instead of something more ‘coffee-shop appropriate’ like Kanye West naming his newborn baby girl, North West.

Tse Yim On’s quirky works are on display at the iPreciation gallery from June 22 till July 7.

Wacky Works Tse Yim On At Ipreciation 1

Wacky Works Tse Yim On At Ipreciation 2

Wacky Works Tse Yim On At Ipreciation 3



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