Space-age Poker: Stahl Meteorite Set

Poker needs no introduction and we are sure many of our readers own their own poker set. Some may even own high-end poker sets made by exclusive brands using premium materials. However, we doubt that any of these poker boxes have poker chips carved from an 800,000-year-old meteorite. That’s right folks, the Meteorite Set by Stahl has poker chips that are embedded with pieces from a Muonionalusta meteorite found in northern Sweden that is about 800 millennia in age.

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Aside from this rare (we stress on the word RARE) material from space, the poker chips are also covered in 18k white gold and lined with pristine diamonds, Burmese Rubies and Sri Lankan Sapphires. Also included in the Meteorite Set are five Siberian woolly mammoth ivory dice. The 120 chips, five dice, and two sets of high quality playing cards are housed in a briefcase made from Swedish calf skin and reindeer calf suede.

What’s the cost of all this? US$150,000 – which not only makes the Stahl Meteorite Set the most exclusive poker set in the world, but also the most expensive.

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