Heightened Intensity: Nespresso Kazaar and Dharkan Grand Crus


Coffee lovers rejoice – Nespresso has amped up the intensity of their Grand Cru line with the addition of Kazaar and Dharkan, both of which top the scale with an intensity of 12 and 11 respectively.

The release of the two flavors this month mark Nespresso's constant innovative techniques to deliver to caffeine addicts and coffee connoisseurs alike - Kazaar and Dharkan both break the intensity scale, which normally ranges from 1-10, at 11 and 12 so even the teeniest ristretto packs a powerful punch. 

Do not let this beguile you into thinking they are exceptionally bitter due to the immensely high intensity - Nespresso have used groundbreaking techniques such as a new grinding method and a split roasting technology to avoid bitterness coming through in any flavours and to provide a smooth, bittersweet and balanced taste. 

Kazaar was a limited edition originally released in 2010 and revived in 2012 thanks to its popularity, so java junkies will be extra pleased to note that this is now a permanent addition to the Grand Cru range. With an intensity of 12, Kazaar was blended from 2 different Robustas - one from Guatemala and the other a Conillon from Brazil. Using a smooth drying approach was used to ward off bitterness, while the sweetness can be attributed to the addition of a Brazilian Arabica. Perfect for a ristretto to perk up your late afternoons.

Dharkan, on the other hand, was roasted for a long time at a low temperature for a powerful, deep and subtly intense flavor. Washed Arabicas from Latin America and Asia were used and provide a more chocolate-like taste than the Kazaar, which also balances out all the flavors.

Kazaar and Dharkan are permanent additions to the Grand Cru range and are available at Nespresso stores from September onwards. 


Heightened Intensity Nespresso Kazaar And Dharkan Grand Crus 2Heightened Intensity Nespresso Kazaar And Dharkan Grand Crus 3

Heightened Intensity Nespresso Kazaar And Dharkan Grand Crus 5



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