The Ultimate Pool Cue: The Intimidator


If it weren’t for the title, we doubt that any of you would have been able to figure out that the object in the pictures is in fact a pool cue. Don’t worry, we are aware that it looks like an axe...and judging from the way it looks we won’t be surprised if it can actually be used as and axe too. However the Intimidator – yes, that’s what it is called – was not made to chop wood or kill orcs. It was made to play pool with and of course, intimidate your opponent.

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The Intimidator started out as an 82-pound solid piece of stainless steel. After over a year’s worth of precision machining and 1862 hours of hand etching and engraving, the unique work of art weighs in at 9.5 pounds. The winged blades are inlaid with 24K gold and feature deep relief and French Grey Scroll engravings. The awe-inducing pool cue, created by McDermott Pool Cues, has 46 individual parts and over 210 separate inlays including 112 hand-polished precious metal inlays on the handle.

The Intimidator’s magnificence culminates at its base with a genuine Italian Obsidian Gemstone Sphere. With a US$150,000 price tag, it might just be the world’s most expensive pool cue.

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McDermott Pool Cues


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