In the nude: Christian Louboutin's latest collection


When it comes to Christian Louboutin, we're used to having our jaws drop at the announcement of a new collection. The latest is the Nude collection, which despite what the name may suggest, is less risque and more back to basics, a shoe collection comprising of heels that match the color of your skin. 

It's kind of shocking this hasn't been thought of before, as the premise is genius. Louboutin promises that using a shoe that matches your skin tone will elongate legs. "They disappear like magic and become a fluid extension of her legs, as in a sketch, elongating the silhouette," said the designer. 

The heels are availabler in five of the brand's most popular styles - the Pigalle, Fifi, Flo, Simple Pump and peep toe Vendome with five shades ranging from a blush to a chestnut. But how can you ensure it closely matches your skin tone? They've thought of this too, of course, and released an app called Louboutin Shades, where users snap photos of their feet and match a shade to their skin tone. 

The shoes will be dangling in window displays later this month and will be available online as well. 

In The Nude Christian Louboutins Latest Collection

In The Nude Christian Louboutins Latest Collection 1 In The Nude Christian Louboutins Latest Collection 3



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