Vinyl Renaissance: The Orbit Plus Turntable Is A Minimalist's Dream


All audiophiles will agree that music sounds better on vinyl. To play a vinyl record, you will of course need a turntable. Over the past few decades, with digital music being more accessible, portable and generally easier to play, turntables had become more or less an endangered species.

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Normally only professional DJs had a need for them – and the ones that these DJs use are far from affordable. However, in recent years, we have seen a renaissance in vinyls and turntables. The Orbit Plus Turntable by U-Turn Audio just might be the best-looking one of the bunch.

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It isn’t just a pretty face either. It features a fully-manual belt drive, an acrylic platter, vibration damping feet, a 24-volt synchronous motor and an Audio-Technica AT95E phono cartridge. It is available in three different colors – black, blue and green. We’ve also heard that U-Turn Audio is working on more color options. If you’re looking to explore the wonderful world of vinyl and you want to invest on a turntable, the Orbit Plus Turntable will not disappoint.

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Vinyl Renaissance Orbit Plus Turntable 6

Vinyl Renaissance Orbit Plus Turntable 7

Vinyl Renaissance Orbit Plus Turntable 8


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