Boeing 777 Wheel Coffee Table by Fallen Furniture


We’ve seen many old scrapped aviation parts that have been turned into stunning pieces of furniture or art and given a new lease on life. However, the Boeing 777 Wheel Coffee Table by Fallen Furniture, is probably the first repurposed aeroplane wheel that we have seen. The unique and truly one-of-a-kind…and by that we mean that there is literally only one of these…coffee-table is essentially an entire wheel from a decommissioned Boeing 777 with a transparent glass tabletop.

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Of course, as if it isn’t obvious enough, the entire aluminium wheel (include all the nuts and bolts) have been hand polished to perfection. The whole process took approximately 150 hours to complete. The details surrounding the production of the Boeing 777 Wheel Coffee Table are quite sparse, though legend has it that it was produced in the U.K. by a brilliant fellow called Harry Tucker. The price details for the table are also unknown, but judging from the fact that it is the only of its kind, we are sure that only serious buyers need enquire about the price. Click here to shop at Fallen Furniture.

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