Sit inside a speaker: AudioOrb


Based on the Micasa Lab Cocoon, the folks from the small Scandinavian Creative Lab, Studio Total, have developed the AudioOrb – the first enclosed spherical speaker that you can actually sit inside of. Couple the fact that spherical spaces almost completely block out the noise from the outside, with the silence and solitude you would get from entering a covered space, and you get an environment that is perfect to for a personal auditory experience.

The AudioOrb is fitted with Tempur pillows that adjust to the shape of your body, so you can rest assured that there is no compromise on comfort. The piece de resistance of the AudioOrb, are the 18 speakers that have been mounted inside that give you a rich and full audio spectrum. Crawl into the orb, play your favorite tunes, and sit back and relax as the outside world fades away.

Unique creations like the AudioOrb, don’t come by very often…and in this case they don’t come by in great numbers either. Studio Total says that it will build only two units – each are selling for US$15,000. If you want to be one of the only two people in the world to own a speaker that you can actually sit inside of, you had better act fast.

Click here to secure yourself one (or both) on Indiegogo.

Sit Inside A Speaker Audioorb 2



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