Barking Brilliance: No More Woof


Ever want to know what your little pooch is thinking when he barks at you? No More Woof, a working prototype that inteprets animal thought patterns into human language should be able to give you a better idea.

No More Woof uses microcomputing technology and an EEG reader, as well as BCI software to analyze animal thought patterns. While it's a working prototype at the moment, further research and work on the product will allow it to have different voices to suit different dogs, and will be available in more languages (at the moment English is the only language offered).

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No More Woof is developed by the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, a Scandinavian research lab, which developed iRock, a rocking chair that charges the iPad, and the Fly Lamp, a hovering lamp that follows you around. 

Other future accessories No More Woof hopes to incorporate are getting the device to personalize a combination of thoughts, allowing disabled pets to control artificial limbs, two-way communication, and an uncensored edition we bet would be hilarious to hear.


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But how is this even possible? It does sound like something out of a cartoon, but instead we have science to explain it. Mammals create and transport thoughts as a range of electrical signals that go through a neurosystem, which can be recorded through Electroencephalogram (EEG) readings. Thankfully, animal brains are easier to understand and distinguish than human brains, so feelings of anger, tiredness, hunger and curiosity can be easily mapped. Brain-computer interface (BCI) detects, analyzes and translates brainwaves of dogs into comprehensive thoughts. Raspberry PI handles the process inside the device, which is a leap in research and technology

That may sound like a lot of jumbled up tech-talk to some folk, but to the workers at the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery, it is truly a revolutionary process, even if it is still in the protoype phase. The No More Woof device will be available in three different series: Micro, Standard and Superior.

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