Join the Mile Low Club: Lovers Deep by Oliver's Travels


Lovers Deep, Oliver’s Travels’ latest property invites couples to join the Mile Low Club. The leisure submarine is ideal for couples who fancy spending a private night submerged beneath the waves. The fully staffed submarine includes a Captain, chef and butler. This one-of-a-kind experience promises to pamper the pair of holidaying lovebirds with an unforgettable underwater adventure.

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Bookings are available for a minimum stay of two nights, at £175,000 (US$292,200) per night for two guests. For each booking, the interior will be designed and manufactured to the guests’ own specifications. The bespoke nature of the experience also extends to the surrounding grounds, thanks to the mobile nature of Lovers Deep. Guests will be able to a destination of their choice in the Caribbean. Since the submarine’s interior and amenities are completely bespoke to the guests’ specifications, the £175,000/night price tag is just an estimate.

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The experience also includes a private speedboat transfer from a white sandy beach, champagne on arrival, a specialist aphrodisiac tasting menu to allow guests to get in the mood to make full use of the Lovers Deep facilities (which could include a two-person shower at the guests’ request). There is even the option to have rose petals scattered on the bed with a Barry White soundtrack playing in the background. If you have not gotten the picture by now, there is a reason Oliver’s Travels calls this experience the Mile Low Club.

“…we’re delighted to invite you to join the Mile Low Club, where travellers who like to get their thrills between the sheets can now get them beneath the waves at the same time.” says Oliver’s Travels.

Wink wink, nudge nudge…say no more!

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