A cup of Colombia: Nespresso Spring 2014 Grand Cru


Nespresso has revealed the latest in the limited edition series of Grand Crus, the Colombian Terroirs.

Coffee lovers can now enjoy two new additions to Nespresso's exquisite Grand Cru line, this time from two different parts of Colombia. Nespresso has sourced green coffee directly from Cauca and Santander, working with farmers under the AAA Sustainable Quality program.

Cauca, an area in Colombia rife with lush vegetation and volcanic soil that basks in the sun, is the first region. Cauca's espresso is refreshing, with a tangy taste and a delicate fruity aroma. It can be enjoyed as a cappucino, which coaxes the complex toasted cereal flavours from the Grand Cru. Meanwhile, Santander is an area in North Colombia full of mountain ranges, with a light breeze from the ocean and limestone based red soil. The Santander has a more rounded taste, with notes of caramel and toasted bread. Add some milk for a latte macchiato and it adds more depth, giving off notes of hazelnut. 

To celebrate the release of these Grand Cru flavors, Nespresso has commissioned Christian Ghion to create matching cups, and graphic artist Werner Jeker to graphically portray the topography of each terroir to create artwork for the porcelain cups. 

A Cup Of Colombia Nespresso Spring 2014 Grand Cru

A Cup Of Colombia Nespresso Spring 2014 Grand Cru 1A Cup Of Colombia Nespresso Spring 2014 Grand Cru 2 


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