Heavy Duty: Danish Fuel Jerry Can Bar Cabinets


Danish Fuel is a company inspired by old Jerry Cans. Since 2009 Danish Fuel has developed a method to give these old Jerry Cans a new lease on life. The company reuses retired Jerry Cans, turning them into unique luggage trolleys, bar cabinets and bathroom cabinets. We especially like the Danish Fuel Jerry Can Bar Cabinets. These cabinets are crafted from old Jerry can models originating from three different countries - German models called “Wehrmacht Kanister”, Danish models called “HMAK” and British models called “W D” (War Department). The name of the model will appear on the front of the finished product.

Available in Nano Black, Army Green, Moscow White, Gas Red and Missile Grey, each piece is individually handcrafted in Denmark. Each old Jerry Can is sliced opened and adapted according to whether it is to be used as a luggage trolley, a bar cabinet or a bathroom cabinet. Old paint and rust is then removed by heating the cans in an oven for 24 hours, after which they are sandblasted. Once the cans are given a wear-resistant coat of powder finishing, they are painstakingly assembled by hand with a great amount of care and precision.

Aside from the exterior color, customers can also choose their preferred type of material for the shelves – walnut, ash or black laminate. All Jerry Cans made by Danish Fuel come with their own certificate of authenticity.

Heavy Duty Danish Fuel Jerry Can Bar Cabinets 1

Heavy Duty Danish Fuel Jerry Can Bar Cabinets 2

Heavy Duty Danish Fuel Jerry Can Bar Cabinets 3

Danish Fuel

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