Personalized Romanticism: Love Letters by Inscribed


Inscribed Jewelry was founded by Brenda Kang as an homage to the heart of giving, with the belief that the best gifts come with the perfect message. One of a handful of antique and vintage jewelry experts in Asia, Brenda’s passion antique and vintage jewelry was cultivated during her 15-year tenure at Christie’s where she has held senior jewelry specialist positions in New York, Paris, Geneva, Singapore and China. Love Letters, the first collection from Inscribed, showcases a series of charming handcrafted envelope pendants with delicate necklaces and cufflinks.

Handcrafted from 18K gold, each envelope in the collection opens up to reveal a gold letter plate upon which messages can be etched. The collection is inspired by waning traditions like handwritten notes and touching love letters. Love Letters hopes to preserve the delightful custom of a personalised message given with love – a gift to be treasured and passed on through generations to come. The envelope pendants feature a diamond, sapphire or ruby cabochon of between 0.05 – 0.07 carats and are available in three variations – Slim, Chubby and Mini.

“An intricately engraved locket, a message within, a picture close to the heart – sentimentality gifted, sentimentality worn. This is the inspiration for Love Letters…It evokes the beauty of romanticism that was still felt through the Victorian era, when the popularity of lockets were at their peak.” says Brenda, who is also the owner of the vintage jewelry brand, Revival.

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