Drawing on Air: Lix 3D Printing Pen



Drawing On Air Lix 3d Printing Pen 1

If we told folks, about a decade ago, that we could show them something that is capable of drawing on air, they would have probably thought of skywriting…or they would have simply called us crazy. With the Lix 3D Printing Pen, however, claiming that you can write/draw on air will no longer land you in the loony bin. The London based LIX 3D printing pen is a small and smart pen that does not require paper. It enables you to doodle in the air.

The LIX 3D printing pen functions similarly to 3D printers, except that it is not limited to schematics that you will have to load into the machine first – it is limited by your imagination. The interesting thing about this lightweight, engineered pen is that structures can be formed in any shape. It quickly melts and cools colored plastic, letting you create rigid and freestanding structures.

Smaller in size as compared to the other brands, LIX enjoys this competitive edge in the 3D printing market. This smart pen fits perfectly in your hand, giving you extreme comfort and balance while you draw with it. LIX is highly portable with its small size and a power cable that plugs into any conventional USB port. LIX is made from aluminum, and is available in Black Matte and Grey Matte.

Drawing On Air Lix 3d Printing Pen 2

Drawing On Air Lix 3d Printing Pen 3


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