Duffy London Swing Table Is Perfect For Both Work and Play


Everyone needs a little bit of fun in their life, and Duffy London's Swing Table is sure to bring out the inner child and add some excitement to your day. Duffy London has cleverly used the George Bernard Shaw quote "We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing" to accompany the Swing Table, reminding us all that no matter how old, a little bit of playfulness and fun is always needed.

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Work And Play Duffy London Swing Table.

The Swing Table is available with four, six, eight or twelve seats, suspended from a four-poster frame that surround a walnut tabletop, topped wth a Geo lampshade. The seats have a geometric design and make sitting around a table for work, dinner or meetings lively, fun and interactive. To add an experience to a restaurant or bar, the Swing Bar design is perfect. It features a suspended bar light, an easy access door, and 23 hanging chairs.

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Work And Play Duffy London Swing Table 3

Work And Play Duffy London Swing Table 4


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