360 Vision: CENTR Camera


Capturing action videos on camera has never been easy - until the CENTR Camera, that is. This nifty disc-shaped camcorder fits in your palm and uses four cameras to give you 360 degree footage of your adventures.

The CEO and co-founder of CENTR previously worked at Apple and brought his expertise to develop the camera, which is unlike any other as it offers panoramic footage and stills in 4K. 

The camera maybe small (around 70mm, and weighs less than 250g) but its features distinguish it from every other camera. Four high definition cameras line the circular body. Footage from each camera is stitched together to give you a panoramic video or still, if you format the camera that way. The camera is also splash proof in case you take it on any adventures off the shore. 

The camera doesn't compromise on quality, with footage up to 1080p available. The device has built-in Wi-Fi so you can preview footage while you're shooting, and view it on an interactive player compatible with computers, smartphones and tablets.

The CENTR Camera is currently under a Kickstarter campaign, and the goal is to raise US$900,000 to bring the camera out of development and into your hands!

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