Contemporary Art on fingertips


For two years, Susi Kenna has been elevating the humble manicure from fashion accessory to fine art. Kenna manages social media for Fitz & Co, a public relations firm specializing in contemporary art, and in her spare time, she takes paintings by modern and contemporary artists -- from Picasso to KAWS -- and reinterprets them onto her fingertips. You can see the results of these uber manicures through her site Nail Art History.

For many women, a manicure is an exercise in efficiency: 20 minutes of pampering, and then back to the office. Not for Kenna, who budgets at least five hours per manicure, on top of hours spent on research and planning. “My nails are my way of making art,” she says. “I've always been drawn to how a painting is constructed, whether it's Old Masters or abstract.” Nail Art History, she adds, “has given me a different way to appreciate them.”

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Stuart Davis


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