The 'Furniture in a Crate' is a clever way to save space in your loft


The hardest thing about moving to a new apartment is having to chuck everything into crates, because let’s face it…it is easier to move the stuff when they are in crates. If only you could squeeze your desk and bed into a crate as well. Beijing designer, Naihan Li, thought just that when she designed what she calls ‘The Crates’. The Crates replicate finely finished shipping container exteriors but open to reveal instantly functional household or office environments. The furniture is mobile so you can roll it right in to your studio, loft, or gallery.

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Naihan seems to have thought of everything, desks, beds, bookshelves, a complete and functional bar (our personal favorite) and even dressers. Truth be told, these innovative ‘Crates’ weren’t designed for the purpose of easy shifting of furniture to your new place. Naihan first got the inspiration for the series while unpacking shipping crates full of artwork for Salone del Mobile in Milan. Her sketches of crated artwork turned into crated furniture, which later turned into crated office, kitchen, and bedroom sets. Taken as a whole, the series resembles an entire crated lifestyle product. We have to admit, they look fantastic.

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